Helpful Links

The NRA is the premier group protecting our second amendment rights, and you may not like everything they do and say but you will not find a group more committed to protecting your second amendment rights, and keeping you updated on what’s going on concerning those rights.

Ohio Attorney General’s Office is where you go to get all the up to the minute updates to Ohio’s CCW laws. The AG’s office is the final say in all matters concerning CCW laws in Ohio.

If you are interested in also acquiring your Florida CCW this is where to go to find out about the application requirements and procedure. We also cover this information in class.

Buckeye Firearm Association is a sight that is very helpful in keeping up to speed as to what is going on with your gun rights specific to Ohio. They also post shooting events in Ohio.

This where to go to build your own reciprocity map (what states honor your CCW permit and those to avoid) the site offers an interactive mad where you can choose multiple CCW permits i.e. Ohio and Florida.

This is NRA’s Institute for legislative Action it’s a good place to go to see what is being done to and for your gun rights.