Concealed Carry (CCW) Class ($85.00)

One day CCW training class taught by experienced NRA Certified Instructor.

Your 12 hours will not be boring or expensive. We provide the highest quality CCW class in Ohio. Get the required training for your Ohio and Florida Concealed carry and learn how to protect yourself and your family; and enjoy it, if you don’t have a gun or have never shot before, no problem use ours. Learn more about our CCW classes and see our CCW class calendar for upcoming classes.

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Carry Fundamentals (Fighting Handgun I)

This class is a real first step in learning how to protect yourself and your family. The class builds on your past CCW/ Basic Pistol Training and teaches you the fundamentals of self defense using a firearm. We have taken the most fundamental disciplines from three of our most popular courses tossed out the fluff, and designed this class. This is a non-stop fast paced and immediately applicable self-defense fundamentals class.

This list above is by no means complete just the highlights!

Ladies Only CCW Class

We at Dayton CCW recognize some minor differences between women and men that make a big difference when it comes to firearm instructions. In order to better reach the woman customer here at Dayton CCW we decided we need to better cater to a woman’s specific needs and preferences. We are now glad to offer a woman’s only concealed carry class that focuses on these differences and highlight the advantages of learning about a serious subject in this focused environment.