Home Defense Training

Our Personal & Home Defense training course is unique from the other courses because the focus is all about defensive shooting. The topic of home defense emphasizes the mindset, legality, quick decision-making skills, and planning for the unknown all under tension. All in all, the Basic Personal & Home Defense training class is centered on all aspects of being able to defend yourself utilizing your pistol.

The course is an eight hour training session both in the classroom and at the range; however, it is likely to run later due to the extensive questions over the main subjects presented in this training.

Upon registration of this class students may expect to receive the NRA Guide to the Basics of Personal Protection in the Home handbook as well as insightful experiences. There will be a large study of home defense tactics tried and proven in a variety of scenarios a person could encounter.

Course Goal

For the student to leave with the basic skills, understanding, and mentality necessary to use the handgun safely and effectively in order to protect one’s self or family, and to provide information and resources for the law-abiding citizen’s right defend themselves.

Course Lessons Covered

  • Defensive Shooting Introduction
  • Basic Pistol Skills in Defensive Situations
  • The Laws When it Comes to Firearms
  • Strategies and Studies of Violent Offenses Against Ones Home
  • Determining the Proper Handgun for the Situation
  • Further Training Opportunities and Shooting Events
  • Overall Review and Evaluation

Prerequisites for Course

All parties must be experienced shooters, and demonstrate the skills for handling a gun safely. If the instructor deems necessary, students may be subject to a pre-course activities to demonstrate safe pistol handling skills. Such exercise may include but not be limited to five-shot groupings, sighting in a pistol, and cleaning of your personal firearm.

Students must have proof of completion of the NRA Basic Pistol/CCW Training Course. The only exception to not having the NRA Basic Pistol Course certificate would be a DD 214 card with a pistol qualification or permit for a concealed carry.

The Personal & Home Defense training course is designed for law-abiding citizens with the proper mentality and sincerity to perform class activities accurately and maturely. Home defense is a subject that we take very seriously and expect all participants to take seriously as well.

Course Completion

Upon completion of the  Personal & Home Defense training class students may expect tips and pointers for specific shooting exercise as well as a certificate of completion. There will be a written exam for this course that will follow intense and more likely self-defense shooting scenario exercises. The instructor will ensure that each student has adequately understood course material and exercises throughout the day.

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