Ladies Only CCW Class

We at Dayton CCW recognize some minor differences between women and men that make a big difference when it comes to firearm instructions. In order to better reach the woman customer here at Dayton CCW we decided we need to better cater to a woman’s specific needs and preferences. We are now glad to offer a woman’s only concealed carry class that focuses on these differences and highlight the advantages of learning about a serious subject in this focused environment.

So many women come to gun ownership with the primary purpose of protecting themselves and their families. Keeping this extraordinary responsibility in mind we decided we must progressively focus and better aid in this group of individuals with more advanced needs. Women are statistically more vulnerable and therefore we felt it necessary to emphasis some strengths and deal with the weaknesses in a more controlled environment. There are many things that must be considered and some challenges that need to be overcome to effectively, comfortably and safely conceal a firearm.

Ladies CCW class

The requirements and materials for the woman’s only concealed carry training are the same as our general CCW class, but with this more concentrated class size and ladies specific discussions we feel it is a better fit for some customers.

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