iStock_000016261441LargeWe get a lot of questions from those taking our CCW class for the first time and have compiled a list of answers to these questions. Read through the list of questions below, but please contact Dayton CCW if you have additional questions.

Does taking the Basic Pistol class get me my Concealed Handgun License?

This CCW/CHL class exceeds the training required to apply for a Concealed Handgun License in Ohio and Florida. At the end of the class you’ll get a certificate for your local sheriff. Your sheriff issues the license, we provide the training. We guarantee that this class will meet all Ohio and Florida requirements.

What should I bring?

A notebook, a pen, your gun (if you have one), extra ammo if you want to shoot a lot and $10 for the range fee. If you’re a new shooter, bring your questions!

What should I wear?

Please wear clothing suitable for outdoor shooting given the current weather conditions. If you have a holster please feel free to bring it as you can holster your pistol while at the range.

What guns will Dayton CCW bring?

We will bring guns chambered in 22LR, 38 special, 9mm, 40, 357 magnum, 44 magnum and 45 ACP. You can use one or all of our guns, or you can use your own and still try ours. If you don’t own a gun, wait to buy one. And no we will not try and sell you ours or any one else’s – remember we are professional trainers not gun shop guys who teach/infomercial you for 12 hours!

Do I have to bring my own targets?

Of course not, we are professionals, we provide your targets, we set them up and you can take them with you after the class!

Are you qualified to teach the class?

All pistol instructors are NRA certified and have real life experience.

Where is the class held?

We hold the class in the Franklin/Springboro area.

Can I bring someone with me?

Sure, we charge $10.00 to just audit the class. You can also attend just the NRA Basic Pistol portion of the class that includes the 2 hours of live fire time at the range. We charge $50.00 for the Basic Pistol. The NRA Basic Pistol class does not qualify you for your CCW.

Will it really take 12 hours for Basic Pistol?

Yes. The state of Ohio requires a full 12 hours. And we will be there for 12 full hours, but there will be breaks for lunch and dinner. Don’t worry you will be surprised at how fast 12 hours goes by!

How do I pay?

Register for an upcoming concealed carry/CCW training class online using PayPal via our site.